The render Property

Nuxt.js lets you customize runtime options for rendering pages


  • Type: object

Use this option to customize vue SSR bundle renderer. This option is skipped for spa mode.

module.exports = {
  render: {
    bundleRenderer: {
      directives: {
        custom1: function (el, dir) {
          // something ...

Learn more about available options on Vue SSR API Reference. It is recommended to not use this option as Nuxt.js is already providing best SSR defaults and misconfiguration might lead to SSR problems.


  • Type: object
    • Default: { weak: true }

To disable etag for pages set etag: false

See etag docs for possible options.


  • Type object
    • Default: { threshold: 0 }

See compression docs for possible options.


  • Type object
    • Default: { push: false }

Activate HTTP2 push headers.


  • Type: boolean
    • Default: true

Adds prefetch and preload links for faster initial page load time.

You may want to only disable this option if have many pages and routes.


  • Type: boolean
    • Default: true on universal mode and false on spa mode

Enable SSR rendering

This option is automatically set based on mode value if not provided. This can be useful to dynamically enable/disable SSR on runtime after image builds. (With docker for example)


  • Type: object
    • Default: {}

See serve-static docs for possible options.

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