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Currently in private beta

Nuxt 3 is coming.

Rebuilt from the ground up for the modern web.
Hybrid static & server rendering, API routes and native serverless.

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With new features

Nuxt 3 has been re-architected with a smaller core and optimized for faster performance and better developer experience.


Up to 75x smaller server deployments and smaller client bundle targeting modern browsers.


Optimized cold start with dynamic server code-splitting, powered by nitro.


Incremental Static Generation and other advanced modes are now possible.


Fetch data in any component, before or after navigation.

Composition API

Use the Composition API and Nuxt 3's composables for true code re-usability.

Nuxt CLI

A new zero-dependency experience for easy scaffolding and module integration.

Nuxt Devtools

Work faster with info and quick fixes right in the browser.

Nuxt Kit

Brand new module development with Typescript and cross-version compatibility.

Webpack 5

Faster build time and smaller bundle size, with no configuration required.


Experience lightning fast HMR by using Vite as your bundler.

Vue 3

Vue 3 is a solid foundation for your next web app.


Built with native TypeScript and ESM - no extra steps required.

Nitro Engine

We worked for 9 months on Nuxt's new server engine for Nuxt: Nitro. It unlocks new full-stack capabilities to Nuxt server and beyond.

In development, it uses rollup and Node.js workers for your server code and context isolation. It also generates your server API by reading files in server/api/ and server functions from server/functions/.

In production, it builds your app and server into one universal .output directory. This output is light: minified and removed from any Node.js modules (except polyfills). You can deploy this output on any system supporting JavaScript, from Node.js, Serverless, Workers, Edge-side rendering or purely static.

The output is combined with both runtime code to run your Nuxt server in any environment (including experimental browser Service Workers!) and serve you static files, making it a true hybrid framework for the JAMStack. In addition, a native storage layer is implemented, supporting multi source, drivers and local assets.

The foundation of the Nitro server is rollup and h3 : a minimal http framework built for high performance and portability.

Nuxt Bridge

We moved to Vue 3 and re-wrote Nuxt after 4 years of development to make it a strong foundation for the future.

Smooth upgrade to Nuxt 3

We've worked to make the upgrade as easy as possible between Nuxt 2 and Nuxt 3.

  • Legacy plugins and modules will keep working
  • Nuxt 2 config is compatible
  • Partial pages options API available

Bringing Nuxt 3 experience to your existing Nuxt 2 project

As we've been working on new features for Nuxt 3, we've back-ported some of them to Nuxt 2.

  • Using Nitro server with Nuxt 2
  • Using Composition API (same as Nuxt 3) with Nuxt 2
  • Using new CLI and Devtools with Nuxt 2
  • Progressively upgrade to Nuxt 3
  • Compatibility with Nuxt 2 module ecosystem
  • Upgrade piece by piece (Nitro, Composition API, Nuxt Kit)

Thank you for your patience, we cannot wait to open it publicly to get your feedback — The Nuxt Team.