The Nuxt.js default configuration covers most of usages. However, the nuxt.config.js file lets you overwrite it.


This option lets you add modules inside the vendor.bundle.js file generated to reduce the size of the app bundle. It's really useful when using external modules

Documentation about build integration


This option lets you enable cached components for better render performances.

Documentation about cache integration


This option lets you define the CSS files/modules/libraries you want to set as globals (included in every pages).

Documentation about css integration


This option lets you define environment variables available both client and server side.

Documentation about env integration


This option lets you to define each params value for every dynamic routes in your application that Nuxt.js transforms into HTML files.

Documentation about generate integration

This option lets you to define all the defaults metas for your application.

Documentation about head integration


This option lets you to customize the loading component load by default with Nuxt.js.

Documentation about loading integration


This option lets you to define Javascript plugins to be ran before instantiating the root vue.js application.

Documentation about plugins integration


This option lets you to overwrite the default Nuxt.js configuration of vue-router.

Documentation about router integration

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