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Komercia is a platform from Columbia. They create online shops so people with no developer skills or who don't have a team of developers can easily create and add products to their shops.

Komercia homepage

What is Komercia ?

Komercia is a platform from Columbia and we wanted to be known as the Shopify for Latin America. We create online shops so people with no developer skills or who don't have a team of developers can easily create and add products to their shops. Our focus is on small and medium sized companies which many don't have the knowledge or tools to go online. So we built a platform that now has now created 6,000 online shops which are all built with Nuxt.

80% of our users are in Columbia and we also have a lot of users in Chile and Mexico as well as a small percentage of users in other countries. We have users who have set up shops from their garages and are now able to have an online shop with a delivery service which comes to their door to collect these products that are then delivered to their clients.

At Komercia we are a small team with only 5 people all working remotely.

How did you discover Nuxt?

We first started off using Vue as a Single Page Application and we loved it. But we needed to go a step further and have server side rendering and quicker page loads as well as search engine optimization. We had to find another alternative and as we were already using Vue the easiest way to get all this was to implement Nuxt.

I heard about Nuxt at the end of 2019 but we didn't start using it until the March/April of 2020, the start of the Pandemia, when we started to get so many new users that we had to accelerate the migration of sites from Vue to Nuxt without the user even noticing. The only thing our users noticed was that the pages were loading faster, which is of course a good thing.

Why did you choose Nuxt as your frontend framework?

We chose Nuxt for various reasons. The main one being performance and we saw a huge change when we migrated the stores to Nuxt.

The other important factor is Search Engine Optimization especially for those clients who want their shops to be well positioned in search engines.

Nuxt uses Vue under the hood which we love because the learning curve is lower meaning it is really quick to learn. As our team already knew Vue it was very easy for them to move to Nuxt.

What is your favorite feature?

There are many things we like. The main one is probably the meta tags and how Nuxt manages SEO. When clients share their products with users on Facebook or Whatsapp it is really important for them that the meta tags are setup correctly with the title and description of each product.

We also love the layouts as it allows us to create various sites in one place. We use the layouts to create a Whatsapp Catalog so we have a page and components specifically for this layout and we are working on a template builder so our users can easily have different layouts. They layouts features saves us lots of time as we don't need to have various different projects when we want to have multiple layouts.

Do you have performances benchmarks before & after using Nuxt?

Our clients were really impressed when we migrated to Nuxt and some even thought we had changed the servers because their sites were loading so fast.

Would you recommend Nuxt?

Of course. I would highly recommend it. We need that the Nuxt community gets bigger because we need more Nuxt developers to help us create more templates, modules. Nowadays if you look online you won't find many people who are creating ecommerce templates in Nuxt and we therefore need to train a lot of people or university students. The first thing of course is to learn Vue and Nuxt. We also plan to create more communities in Latin America so we can connect with and find more Nuxt developers. I believe Nuxt is going to become even more popular and there are huge advantages to using Nuxt.