How to deploy on GitHub Pages?

Nuxt.js gives you the possibility to host your web application on any static hosting like GitHub Pages for example.

To deploy on GitHub Pages, you need to generate your static web application:

npm run generate

It will create a dist folder with everything inside ready to be deployed on GitHub Pages hosting. Branch gh-pages for project repository OR branch master for user or organization site

Info: If you use a custom domain for your GitHub Pages and put CNAME file, it is recommended that CNAME file is put in the static directory. More documentation about it.

Deploying to GitHub Pages for repository

If you are creating GitHub Pages for one specific repository, and you don't have any custom domain, the URL of the page will be in this format: http://<username><repository-name>.

If you deployed dist folder without adding router base, when you visit the deployed site you will find that the site is not working due to missing assets. This is because we assume that the website root will be /, but in this case it is /<repository-name>.

To fix the issue we need to add router base configuration in nuxt.config.js:

module.exports = {
  router: {
    base: '/<repository-name>/'

This way, all generated path asset will be prefixed with /<repository-name>/, and the next time you deploy the code to repository GitHub Pages, the site should be working properly.

There is a downside adding router.base as the default setting in nuxt.config.js though, when you are running npm run dev, it won't be working properly since the base path changes. To fix this issue, we want to create a conditional for router.base whether to include <repository-name>:

/* nuxt.config.js */
// only add `router.base = '/<repository-name>/'` if `DEPLOY_ENV` is `GH_PAGES`
const routerBase = process.env.DEPLOY_ENV === 'GH_PAGES' ? {
  router: {
    base: '/<repository-name>/'
} : {}

module.exports = {

and now we just need to set DEPLOY_ENV='GH_PAGES' to build the site for GitHub Pages:

/* package.json */
"scripts": {
  "build:gh-pages": "DEPLOY_ENV=GH_PAGES nuxt build",
  "generate:gh-pages": "DEPLOY_ENV=GH_PAGES nuxt generate"

For Windows user, you might want to install cross-env if you are not using bash

npm install cross-env --save-dev

then use it this way:

  "build:gh-pages": "cross-env DEPLOY_ENV=GH_PAGES nuxt build",
  "generate:gh-pages": "cross-env DEPLOY_ENV=GH_PAGES nuxt generate"

Command line deployment

You can also use push-dir package:

First install it via npm:

npm install push-dir --save-dev

Add a deploy command to your package.json with the branch as gh-pages for project repository OR master for user or organization site.

"scripts": {
  "dev": "nuxt",
  "build": "nuxt build",
  "start": "nuxt start",
  "generate": "nuxt generate",
  "deploy": "push-dir --dir=dist --branch=gh-pages --cleanup"

Then generate and deploy your static application:

npm run generate
npm run deploy

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