Deploy Nuxt with Moovweb XDN

Moovweb XDN supports universal (SSR) Nuxt.js applications.

The Moovweb XDN is an all-in-one platform to develop, deploy, preview, experiment on, monitor, and run your headless frontend. The XDN is focused on large, dynamic websites and best-in-class performance through an integrated Content Delivery Network (CDN), CDN-as-JavaScript, predictive prefetching, and performance monitoring. Moovweb offers a free tier.

For detailed instructions consult the Moovweb XDN Nuxt.js documentation.

Getting Started

  1. Sign up for a free account on the XDN signup page.

  2. Install the XDN CLI

yarn add -g @xdn/cli
npm i -g @xdn/cli

Configure your project

  1. Make sure server side rendering is enabled and in your nuxt.config.js add the @xdn/nuxt module:
// nuxt.config.js

module.exports = {
  modules: ['@xdn/nuxt/module']
  1. Run xdn init which will configure your project for the XDN.

Running and deploying your project

  1. To test your app locally, run the following in your project directory:
xdn run
  1. To deploy your app, run the following in your project directory:
xdn deploy

Optimize your project's performance

  • (Optional) To optimize the performance of server side rendering in Nuxt.js, Moovweb recommends moving most your modules into buildModules as described in the modules vs buildModules section of the XDN Nuxt.js guide.
  • (Optional) The XDN automatically supports Nuxt.js's built-in routing scheme. However you can and should optimize the performance by customizing the routing, caching, and prefetching via CDN-as-JavaScript as shown in the Routing section of the XDN Nuxt.js guide.

Get help

If you have issues please check the Troubleshooting section of the guide or create a ticket in the forums.

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