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Deploy Nuxt on Qovery

How to deploy Nuxt on Qovery?

Qovery is a fully-managed cloud platform that runs on your AWS, GCP, Azure and Digital Ocean account where you can host static sites, backend APIs, databases, cron jobs, and all your other apps in one place.

Static sites are completely free on Qovery and include the following:

  • Continuous, automatic builds & deploys from GitHub and GitLab.
  • Automatic SSL certificates through Let's Encrypt .
  • Free managed PostgreSQL.
  • Free SSD storage.
  • Unlimited collaborators.
  • Unlimited custom domains .


This guide assumes you already have a Nuxt project to deploy. If you need a project, follow the Get Started guide.


Follow the procedure below to set up Nuxt on Qovery:

1. Create a Qovery account.

Visit the Qovery dashboard to create an account if you don't already have one.

2. Create a project

Click on "Create a new project" and give a name to your project.

Click on "Next".

3. Add an application

Click on "Create an application" then choose "I have an application" and select the repository where your Nuxt site is located.

Click on "Next".

Skip adding services for static website.

Click on "Deploy".


Your app should be deployed. You can see the status in real time by clicking on deployment logs.

Continuous deploys

Now that Qovery is connected to your repo, it will automatically build and publish your site any time you push to git.

Custom domains

Add your own domains to your site easily using Qovery's custom domains guide.


Chat with Qovery developers on Discord if you need help.

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