Using Nuxt.js Programmatically

You might want to use your own server with your middleware and your API. That's why you can use Nuxt.js programmatically.

You can require Nuxt.js like this:

const { Nuxt, Builder } = require('nuxt')

Nuxt Constructor

To see the list of options to give to Nuxt.js, see the configuration section.

// Require `Nuxt` And `Builder` modules
const { Nuxt, Builder } = require('nuxt')

// Require Nuxt config
const config = require('./nuxt.config.js')

// Create a new Nuxt instance
const nuxt = new Nuxt(config)

// Enable live build & reloading on dev
if ( {
  new Builder(nuxt).build()

// We can use `nuxt.render(req, res)` or `nuxt.renderRoute(route, context)`

You can take a look at the nuxt-express and adonuxt starters to get started quickly.

Debug logs

If you want to display Nuxt.js logs, you can add the following to the top of your file:

process.env.DEBUG = 'nuxt:*'

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