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The Builder Class


We can register hooks on certain life cycle events.

// Add hook for build
this.nuxt.hook('build:done', (builder) => {
build:before(nuxt, buildOptions)Before Nuxt build started
builder:prepared(nuxt, buildOptions)The build directories have been created
builder:extendPlugins(plugins)Generating plugins
build:templates({ templatesFiles, templateVars, resolve })Generating .nuxt template files
build:extendRoutes(routes, resolve)Generating routes
webpack:config(webpackConfigs)Before configuration of compilers
build:compile      ({ name, compiler })Before webpack compile (compiler is a webpack Compiler instance), if universal mode, called twice with name 'client' and 'server'
build:compiled    ({ name, compiler, stats })webpack build finished
build:done(nuxt)Nuxt build finished


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