The modern Property

This feature is inspired by vue-cli modern mode

  • Type: String or Boolean
    • Default: false
    • Possible values:
      • 'client': Serve both, the modern bundle <script type="module"> and the legacy bundle <script nomodule> scripts, also provide a <link rel="modulepreload"> for the modern bundle. Every browser that understands the module type will load the modern bundle while older browsers fall back to the legacy (transpiled) one.
      • 'server' or true: The Node.js server will check browser version based on the user agent and serve the corresponding modern or legacy bundle.
      • false: Disable modern build

The two versions of bundles are:

  1. Modern bundle: targeting modern browsers that support ES modules
  2. Legacy bundle: targeting older browsers based on babel config (IE9 compatible by default).

Info: you can use commands nuxt build/start --modern=[type] or nuxt build/start -m=[type] to build/start modern bundles, so you can specify modern commands inside the package.json scripts:

  "scripts": {
    "build:modern": "nuxt build --modern=server",
    "start:modern": "nuxt start --modern=server"

Please refer Phillip Walton's excellent post for more knowledge regarding modern builds.

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