The hooks Property

  • Type: Object

Hooks are listeners to Nuxt events that are typically used in Nuxt modules, but are also available in nuxt.config.js. Learn More

Example (nuxt.config.js):

import fs from 'fs'
import path from 'path'

export default {
  hooks: {
    build: {
      done(builder) {
        const extraFilePath = path.join(builder.nuxt.options.buildDir, 'extra-file')
        fs.writeFileSync(extraFilePath, 'Something extra')

Internally, hooks follow a naming pattern using colons (e.g., build:done). For ease of configuration, you can structure them as an hierarchical object when using nuxt.config.js (as exemplifed above) to set your own hooks. See Nuxt Internals for more detailed information on how they work.

List of hooks

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