The <nuxt-link> Component

This component is used to provide navigations between page components.

The <nuxt-link> component is an essential of Nuxt. It should be used to navigate through your application, similar to the <router-link> component in a traditional Vue App. In fact, <nuxt-link> is a wrapper component for <router-link>. That means it takes the same properties and can be used in the same manner. Read the Vue Router documentation for more information.

Example (pages/index.vue):

    <h1>Home page</h1>
    <nuxt-link to="/about">About (internal link that belongs to the Nuxt App)</nuxt-link>
    <a href="">External Link to another page</a>

In the future, we will add features to the <nuxt-link> component, like pre-fetching on the background for improving the responsiveness of Nuxt.js Applications.

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