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Introducing Nuxt 3 Beta

468 days after the first commit, the Nuxt 3 beta has finally arrived. Discover what's inside and what to expect from it. Yes, it includes Vue 3 and Vite ⚡️

Introducing Nuxt 3 Beta

We are excited to open source Nuxt 3 after more than a year of intense development. The repository is available on GitHub on nuxt/framework under the MIT license.

The documentation is available on https://v3.nuxtjs.org .

A new foundation

On top of supporting Vue 3 or Vite , Nuxt 3 contains a new server engine , unlocking new full-stack capablities to Nuxt server and beyond. It's the first JavaScript application server that is portable across a varierty of modern cloud hosting providers.

In production, it builds your Vue application and server into one universal .output directory. This output is light: minified and without any other Node.js dependencies (except polyfills). You can deploy this output on any system supporting JavaScript, whether Node.js, Serverless, Workers, Edge-side rendering or purely static.

Bonus: this server engine can be used on existing Nuxt 2 projects with Nuxt Bridge 🚀

Head over the Nuxt 3 homepage to learn more about Nuxt Nitro and Nuxt Bridge.

Important notes

Nuxt 3 is currently in beta, so expect things to break (and be fixed quickly). We have plenty of work left but we want to open it publicly to gather feedback and contributions from the community 💚

Do not use it for production until we reach the first release candidate.

During the beta, almost every commit will trigger a new npm release ; you may want to look at the merged pull requests until we begin generating automated changelogs in the documentation.

We are working every day to improve the documentation, explaining as much as possible all the concepts, features and usage of Nuxt 3.

Check out the community section of the Nuxt 3 website for getting help , reporting bugs or contributing to the framework .


Here some major milestones we've achieved on the way to Nuxt 3:

Jul 2, 2020: Nuxt 3 first commit with full TypeScript rewrite
Aug 7, 2020: Webpack 5 support
Sep 15, 2020: pages/ support
Oct 29, 2020: Vue 3 support with bundle-renderer
Nov 2, 2020: Nuxt Nitro initial work
Jan 22, 2021: Initial Vite support
Feb 4, 2021: Nuxt can deploy on major serverless platforms
Mar 6, 2021: UnJS organisation created on GitHub
Mar 28, 2021: Init Nuxt Kit and Nuxt CLI (nuxi )
May 20, 2021: app.vue support (pages/ becomes optional)
Jun 30, 2021: layouts/ support
Jul 15, 2021: Native ESM support
Aug 10, 2021: Auto import of composables and components
Sep 5, 2021: Init Nuxt Bridge for improving Nuxt 2 experience
Sep 7, 2021: Support Vite build for production
Oct 11, 2021: Add useState and useFetch composables

So far, we've merged 385 pull requests , closed 229 issues and made 925+ commits .

We are excited to hear your thoughts and we thank you for your patience.

Now you can go over the Nuxt 3 documentation 😊

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